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Developing Individual Victories Against Sickness
"It's not just a way of living it's a Lifestyle!"

 I thank GOD for the volunteers of DIVAS & DONS Foundation & I am thankful for my partners believing in this VISION & assisting me with the implementation of this VISION! It never occurred to me that our community efforts was admired & appreciated so much from others that we would receive an award. Our 1st award, our 1st year being in business! Thank you everyone who believes in us, who take time to read our daily , who visit our regularly, & who embraces our MISSION, VISION, & VALUE of our company! This award is dedicated to you! Thank you! GOD BLESS!

From the of the CEO:
      Nurse DiVas  & Nurse DONS , LLC is a faith based company who developed a non-profit organization called Nurse DiVas & Nurse DONS Wellness Foundation . Nurse DiVas & Nurse DONS Wellness Foundation was specifically designed to raise  awareness in the communities in which we serve.  As  professionals we've decided to use a more approach involving patient  education, disease management , symptom control, and the elimination of disparities in the communities we serve. We also believe in preventative maintenance and disease management. As you may know there are a lot of diseases and illnesses that plague our lives, or the lives of our loved ones. We've even provided care to tons of people whose diseases could have been prevented, or well maintained. As a  professional it is my desire to provide care on a higher platform. That is to "Make a healthier community, literally by one individual at a time!" As we D.evelop I.ndividual V.ictories A.gainst S.ickness. We will host  fairs, that provide comprehensive screenings such as:   checks, finger stick"blood sugar"checks, rapid HIV/STD screenings, sickle -cell testing, spinal screenings, breast self-exams, and so much more!
     Nurse DiVas & Nurse DONS Wellness Foundation will sponsor and donate a portion of its proceeds from sponsored events to other non-profit, and . We will donate proceeds to the following: Susan G. Komen for the Cure, , The National Kidney Foundation, James R. Clark Sickle Cell Foundation, American Association, and other non-profit organizations. We will host health fairs, disease management workshops, seminars, and wellness clinics throughout the urban, and sub-urban communities in and surrounding areas. Our goal is to migrate to the same areas all across the United States. 
     Our company goals are:  To assist with visits,  monetary prescribed medication  costs,  in , that will assist with light  and hot meal preparation for a couple of hours during the week.
     If you are a community leader or a church within a 50 mile radius and you would like to utilize our services please do not hesitate to contact us! For churches that are outside a 50 mile radius a small nominal fee for service will be assessed. For private, and  for profit organizations or businesses, we can assist as well; however, a small nominal fee will be assessed. We can also assist other local churches with their fairs. Please on the " Contact Us"tab and one of our professionals will contact you shortly.
     Nurse DiVas & Nurse DONS, LLC has designed the following: uniforms, T-shirts, I Pad covers, active  wear, and much more! These will be on the market and available soon! Nurse DiVas & Nurse DONS ,LLC will also teach Saver BLS, (using AHA  guidelines). Please on the"Contact Us" tab and we will contact you for further details. We also teach Saver to lay persons in the community.
     I hope to see you, and your family real soon!  If you have any questions, or would like to make monetary donations, or goods or services please click on the "Donation" tab and complete the form accordingly. If you are interested in participating in any of our community events please complete a contact form. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please complete our volunteer application, and one of our nursing  professionals will contact you shortly. Please visit our website regularly for more updated information. We've recently launched our online magazine: "Nursing a healthier Community." Please share our website with your family and friends. For more information please visit:
     We invite all nurses to participate in our nursing forum that we created on Facebook. Please send us a friend request, and also like our Nurse DiVas nursing forum page. We wanted to create an atmosphere where we as health care clinicians can voice our concerns as it relates to nursing practice. This forum will create an outlet that will be devoted to improving the nursing profession by empowering one nurse at a time to speak their mind, stand in their power and to be a change agent to improve patient care. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @divas_dons, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers."  
3 John 1:2. 
                        with warmest regards,
                       Tammy L. Jones, RN, CRRN, CEO
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