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"It's not just a way of living, it's a lifestyle!"
What We Do:

            NDND Wellness Foundation is a unique collaboration of nurses who believe and promote community health and wellness. Guided by SWOTT analysis results enables us to achieve beneficial and positive outcomes.  NDND Wellness Foundation’s collaborates with leaders in public health as well as health care organizations and their funders to develop strategic plans for achieving desired outcomes, as it relates to our company's mission, vision, and values. The objective of our community services are to assist in efforts to dissolve the cycles of health disparities, lack of health education, and lack of health resources by:

-Decreasing preventable conditions in disadvantaged, undeserved populations, to include, but not limited to rural areas.  Preventable conditions include, but are not limited to:  heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and teen pregnancy.
-Promoting access to quality affordable health care through coverage and diverse payment methods.
-Promoting wellness through disease management workshops/seminars, and health screenings.
How We Help:

            NDND Wellness Foundation collaborates with major and national insurance agencies, local community health departments, disease-specific networks, and other leading non-profits that are focusing on scaling promising health innovations.

Our Work:

             NDND Wellness Foundation hosts large community wide health fairs. NDND Wellness Foundation provides FREE diabetes testing, prostate cancer screenings, blood pressure, blood sugar assessments, sickle-cell testing, and rapid HIV/STD tests. FREE vision, dental, and spinal screenings also provided. Over 500 individuals within the community were provided FREE health care services and tests at the two above fore mentioned health fairs. Additionally, NDND Wellness Foundation operates wellness clinics and provides disease/illness management education to individuals in the community at local churches.  During the FREE health screenings provided by NDND Wellness Foundation all of the participants receive a completed health assessment/screening form, educational material (verbal and written), and a referral is made to follow up with a physician, local emergency room, or health department if needed. Participants can also use these forms as a health screening tracker.

~Educating more than 50 communities locally through disease management and prevention workshops at no cost to the community.   
~Raised more than $650 for the American Heart Association.

~Donated more than 150 pairs of children's jeans to Palmetto Place Children's Shelter.

~Instructing disease/illness management and symptom control workshops to individuals who are battling with HIV/AIDS.

      Please like us on Facebook, and we invite all nurses to participate in our nursing forum. We wanted to create an atmosphere where we as health care clinicians can voice our concerns as it relates to nursing practice. This forum will create an outlet that will be devoted to improving the nursing profession by empowering one nurse at a time to speak their mind, stand in their power and to be a change agent to improve patient care. Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter @divas_dons, and LinkedIn.

Mission Statement:  Our Mission is to  bridge the gap for uninsured, under insured, or individuals who can't afford their co-payment the opportunity to take advantage of free medical services.  Our team of nursing professionals will provide free health fairs, wellness clinics, and disease management workshops.
Vision Statement:  God has blessed us with this insurmountable knowledge as healthcare clinicians.  We pledge that these hands will continue to serve.  Our hearts will continue to care.  It is our company's goal to reach, and teach our communities how to become more vibrant and healthy.  It is our utmost intent to educate, and raise awareness in our community about disease prevention.
Value Statement: We recognize the rights of all individuals to mutual respect; acceptance of others without biases based on different ethnicity, religion, or economic status.  We will continue to lead as role models in the communities we serve.


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